After soaking in the tub of 200 mg CBD for over an hour, I felt so much tension leave my body. I felt more noodle, less bag of rocks.

~ Sarah C.

Their certified organic CBD is super high quality and the elixir has resulted in deep, deep sleep.

~ Kelsey S.

I have been loving my Floramye gua sha – one of those things you wonder how you ever lived without 🙂

~ Carrie B.

As someone living with lupus for over 12 years, pain management has become essential to my well-being and quality of life.

The Bravura Revitalizing CBD Elixir is the best CBD product I’ve ever used. It is essential in my quest to lower my narcotic pain medication intake and absolutely excellent in curbing anxiety.

~ Conce L.

Your Calming CBD Body Creme seriously CURED the contact dermatitis (eczema) on my neck and eye lids + the scent is to die for!

~ Gabriela S.

Floramye products are USDA certified organic so you know you are getting the VERY BEST quality (beware of fakers out there!)

~ Lindsay P.

The only thing saving my sore muscles this weekend is my beloved product from Floramye, the Bravura Calming CBD Body Creme.

~ Nicole M.

There I was, laying wide awake as usual… then the alarm went off! I slept through the night for the first time in ages after taking the Floramye Elixir!

~ Kelly S.

As someone who struggles with acne, CBD plays a big role in my skincare routine. One of the main ways I utilize this powerful ingredient is through Floramye facial oil.

~ Sophia R.

I’m literally in LOVE with this stuff. The essential oils are super helpful for easing my anxiety. Plus my temperamental skin thanks me. 🥰

~ Bernadette B.

The Bath Bliss set is beautiful and I love the products. I’ve used the bath bombs and have felt relaxed in my body for a couple of days afterwards.

~ Nimisha G.