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We hand selected top practicioners and all around wonderful people who we believe can enhance your life. Then we gave them a cozy and convenient space to meet you. Stop in if you'd like to discuss what service will best meet your needs.

Dr. Mara (pictured) will be back after her new family settles in. Her treatments at Floramye include facial rejuvenation cupping with gua sha and ear seeding.

Holistic Facials

Bringing together holistic knowledge, skincare knowledge, & intuitive coaching skills gives Danielle a unique advantage to help you achieve your ideal skin, and to understand how to heal on a deeper level. Skincare may only be part of the equation. You also need to understand how to embody what your face is trying to get you to address. That is why part of your session is dedicated to coaching you on how to embody & liberate your uninhibited inner beauty, & translate what your skin is trying to tell you, so that you can SHINE.

Astrology Readings

Hannah Siddiqui is a renowned author, astrologer, speaker, and spiritual coach. Her purpose in life is to help women align with the most elevated version of themselves- on a mind, body, soul, & spiritual level. On her social media platforms she coins affirmations, horoscopes, and inspirational talks daily, inspiring 100k+ followers globally to turn inwards and become embodied in their own power. Grab the chance to work with Hannah in person at our Larkspur location!

As a 5th-generation astrologer, spiritual coach, and speaker, Hannah helps people connect to their highest selves and become empowered in their spirituality. Think of her as your personal poet for your soul, stars, and spirit. Give your favorite girl the gift of personal insight and power, email Hannah to book now.