Why do I need organic CBD?

Why do I need organic CBD?

With the recent rise in its popularity, Organic CBD oil has now become increasingly widespread (and for a good reason, read all about the benefits of CBD oil here), and access to CBD products is easier than ever. With all of the choices, it’s more important to know how to identify a quality product that can support your body and deliver on the wellness benefits organic CBD can provide. 

At Floramye, we believe that means using only organic ingredients to make all of our products. Keep reading to find out why.

What does organic mean?

Certified organic plants must be grown in soil that has had no prohibited substances such as most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides applied for three years before harvest. This has a significant influence on not just the end product produced but also our environment. Including: 

  • Higher quality soil. Pesticides and weed killers aren’t discriminating and will kill not only troublesome bugs and plants but also the beneficial microbes and nutrients in the soil.
  • More pollinators. Pesticides are one of the most significant threats facing our pollinators (like bees). Fewer pesticides mean more of the essential pollinating bugs.
  • Cleaner Water. Everything we spray onto our fields ends up in our water supply, so using only organically grown ingredients means we aren’t contributing to the contamination of groundwater, rivers, and our oceans.

Not only is organic the best choice for our environment, but it is also much safer and healthier for us when we use those plants in our food and in personal care products.

Why should your CBD oil be made from organically grown hemp?

Hemp plants are considered excellent at bioremediation, which means they readily absorb toxins like radioactive elements, harmful metals, pesticides, solvents, gasoline, and synthetic fertilizers. Hemp plants can absorb high levels of these toxins while remaining undamaged. These toxins are stored within the plant and are not released back into the soil. Hemp is often used to purify polluted soil (another amazing way this plant improves our lives).

This also means that hemp plants raised in soil treated with chemicals will also contain those same chemicals, and those chemicals will end up in anything created from those plants, including CBD oil.

To ensure the cleanest, safest, most healing product, it is essential that you only use organic CBD oil, that is created from organically grown hemp plants. This’s why all of the hemp plants we use to create our CBD oil are sourced from a farm that’s USDA certified organic. It’s also Good Agricultural Processes (GAP) certified and certified non-GMO—and has been growing organic vegetables for over 50 years.)

Feel confident ingesting our organic revitalizing CBD elixir and applying our organic balancing CBD facial oil every day – it’s the best decision for yourself and the planet!

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