What can crystals do for you?

What can crystals do for you?

I’ve loved crystals since first visiting the awe-inspiring collection at the Smithsonian in DC. I briefly studied geology in college and still have a magical sense of wonderment at the colors and shapes created by nature. In our shop, we notice that children are drawn to the stones and love touching them. They’re a great way to instantly connect with nature, even indoors. But there’s more to them than meets the eye. 

Each one of our bathing balls contains a different crystal chosen because of its connection to a specific chakras (based on color, properties, etc.) Crystals can be seen as natural batteries used to balance energy flow (prana.) Energy flows through our energy centers (chakras.) If there’s a blocked chakra, it can manifest as a mental disturbance. Anxiety can occur, for example, when the vishuddha (throat chakra) is out of alignment. Here’s our full chakra guide to help you pick a right bath ball that’s right for you.  

All matter on planet Earth is made up of atoms, which all are 99.99999% empty space. Energy flows through and sustains this emptiness. Human vibrational energy is easily manipulated, while crystal energy is stable. Stable energy is more powerful, and can be used to enhance surrounding vibrations. So, crystals can actually help shift our energy (and some say absorb negative energy, like a magnet.)  

If you think about the scientific transformation of carbon to diamonds, for example, gems are a great example of alchemy. We don’t have the answers to many of life’s questions, so marrying the physical and the metaphysical is a great place to exist. May the magical beauty and energy of crystals bring you joy. xx A 

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” 

-Albert Einstein 

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