Natural ingredients are essential

Natural ingredients are essential

I believe that natural ingredients are essential for treating and maintaining healthy skin. More than 80% of people in India use different plant-based products for curing skin related problems. Compared with the conventional allopathic drugs, they have a lower cost and environmental impact. Natural ingredients are also safer and do not typically have side effects. There have been centuries of product testing, which is not true for synthetics. Some of the carcinogenic chemicals put in skincare products are horrifying. It is always a good sign to recognize what you read on labels.

My own journey started with over-treating my skin. I would buy whatever product was recommended to me at the spa. Some heavily perfumed products made me instantly break out. Many were costly and unnecessary, others even painful. I stripped my skin, which resulted in the dermis layer thinning. I had increased sensitivity and even discoloration and scarring.

Having switched completely to a natural skincare regimen, my aging skin is looking better than ever. Our Floramye facial oils are packed with herbal ingredients picked to enhance and calm skin. It works perfectly overnight. I buy simple herbal toners from the local health food store, rose water is also lovely. You can use Manuka honey as a natural mask. Take the lid off and let it crystalize for additional natural exfoliation (pro tip, plan to lay down or it can melt & drip!) There are many great quality natural products available now, but one of my favorites is Monastery Made in San Francisco, their also moisture boost and Attar balm are amazing! When you have extra time at home, check out what you are putting on your skin and try to phase out products with a lot of unknowns, or do the ingredient research (the Environmental Working Group is a great resource.)

Also, if your skin is dry, make sure you are getting enough beta-carotene, and B, C & E vitamins in your diet. Take care and be well! xx Allison

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