3 ways to reduce stress

3 ways to reduce stress

Life is stressful. Not all stress is bad; some of it motivates us and drives us to achieve. Stress becomes a problem when it becomes overwhelming, purposeless, and interferes with our ability to function. While we can’t avoid everything that causes us stress, there are things we can do to reduce the amount of stress we deal with in our daily lives.

Identify What Is Stressing You Out

The first step to dealing with stress is to figure out what exactly is causing you stress. You won’t be able to rid your life of all sources of stress, but if you take some time and evaluate your routine, you will probably find at least a few stressors you can get rid of or learn to manage better.

Have you over-committed yourself at work or socially? Is there clutter or disorganization in your home that is affecting you? Are you not getting enough sleep to function correctly? Are there parts of your routine that aren’t working?

You might be surprised at how many things in your day are causing you unnecessary stress. Take some time to really examine your environment and habits and see if there is anywhere you can make some adjustments.

Incorporate Nature to Reduce Stress

Removing unnecessary stressors is important, but what about all of the things in our life that cause us to stress that we can’t change right away? Finding ways to calm and quiet our minds is key to keeping stress from becoming overwhelming. A simple but effective way is to spend more time with nature.

We are meant to connect with nature regularly, but for many of us, we have lost that connection in our everyday lives. Incorporating nature back in is a simple, effective way to reduce stress every day.

If you can get outside every day, even for a short 20-minute walk, you will see a reduction in stress and a boost in your mood and energy levels. If that isn’t possible, try opening a window, adding plants, crystals, or other natural forms to your home or office or replacing harsh, fluorescent lighting in your home or office with bulbs that mimic sunlight.

Use CBD Oil to Reduce Stress

When used regularly, CBD oil helps regulate your mood, making those everyday stressors not so stressful. By bringing balance to your body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD oil keeps your CB1 receptors from becoming overwhelmed so you can feel calmer and less prone to stress.

If you are looking to reduce your stress, our Revitalizing CBD Elixir can help. Place one dropper each day under your tongue to give your body the support it needs to fend off feelings of stress.

How do you deal with life’s everyday stresses? Floramye is a great place to start.

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